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Most people put out content and hope it goes viral let's face it how many times has that happened for you. Most of us don't put the content on the right channels to even have the chance to make it go viral. We spend countless hours and even Google doesn't pick it up for days.
It feels like we are spinning our wheels waiting for an organic search to find our content. It can wear you down. I know how it feels did it for years until I found this...

We Are Excited to Present a Solution That is… Easier, Faster & Better.


Create stunning, professional, and highly converting campaigns on-demand. I call it Total-Content Domination you have to see this...
Total-Content Domination Is PERFECT For... Any business online that wants to succeed online even local services.
This will save you from all the troubles associated with marketing. It would take you days, weeks, or even months to find all the authority properties to put your content on the right placements for success. The expense would be challenging to say the least... Some of these places charge $100.00 per article or more. I told you there is an easier way here it is... Fill out a short form with a few questions so we understand what you are selling. You run your business and let us handle it for you.

Let’s Sum Up Everything You Get

Grow your business with persuasive & intelligent marketing campaigns. Our team will get to work pushing out an article and all the content needed for the different formats. Our system will publish to 400+ authority websites on your behalf. It will be distributed to authority blogs, top news websites, video properties, audio like podcasts, Slideshows, infographics, and social media. Save money by skipping expensive individual costs for every different authority blog

What You Get With
Total-Content Domination

Visibility Before people can trust you they want to see you everywhere. So if they do a Google search on your business and there is not a lot of listing that could be a red flag. This campaign will put you on 400 + placements on high authority News Sites that get a ton of traffic. High authority blogs, social sites, slideshow sites, video sites, audio sites, and infographics. Repeat this over and over again to scale your traffic and profits...

Branding Your Business Google will notice just like your customers will after a few campaigns that you will be everywhere online. Everywhere they look you will be close by. This will work for every business even local businesses.

Traffic What every business wants is a lot of traffic to their website. Can you imagine all the people that will see your article on the news sites, the authority blogs, the millions or billions on YouTube? How many people will share your content on social media, slideshows, and podcasts?

Profits Will Start Pouring In Yes more traffic brings in more sales. Now you can sell anything you want and be seen as the big boys. Another benefit that comes naturally is high authority backlinks. If you are doing SEO you can cut back on it because you will be getting better backlinks from high authority sites automatically and naturally.